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Hands-on with the Sterblue app

The following videos provide crucial insights on how to navigate the Sterblue app

The Sterblue app is the ultimate companion for all of your industrial inspection needs. The app allows the user to create missions, and generate automatic flight trajectories for drone inspections. 

The following video is a hands-on experience, providing users with some crucial insights on how to navigate the Sterblue app.
The provided example is of a wind turbine inspection, with parameters specific to that industry. However, the general philosophy and workflow of the application remain the same regardless of the industry, with only the specific inspection parameters changing for each type of infrastructure. 


Hands on with the Sterblue App

The following video details the information present in the overlay, ensuring the flights are carried out as safely as possible whilst allowing the user to capture the most value from the Sterblue app.

Once again this example is taken from a wind turbine mission, but the notions discussed are applicable for every type of infrastructure. 

Overlay - Sterblue APP

Should you have any questions relative to the use of the Sterblue app, please contact: support@sterblue.com