How does your automatic 3d flight planning software work?

For power grids:

  1. We need some simple input data from you
  • Distribution grid: raw lidar data of the grid
  • Transmission grid: raw lidar data of the grid or simple geometrical information in a table (height, width, GPS coordinate of the center, cable orientation, insulator location) 
  1. We model your grid in 3d in our platform 
  2. You select the infrastructure you want to inspect on Sterblue Cloud (web-app)
  3. You launch your mission directly on Sterblue iOS app connected to DJI drones


For wind turbines:

We don’t need any prior information, the main steps are:

  1. The drone flies manually in front of the 3 tips and the hub
  2. An automatic flight plan is computed while the drone hovering for 20-30s
  3. You click on “fly” and the done capture pictures automatically around the 3 blades and 4 faces.