Wind turbine - How to create inspection missions from the app?

You soon need to inspect wind turbines and you want to prepare your flights? This is how you do it.

In order to create inspection missions in the app, you will need:

  • Sterblue Mobile app v19.12 or sooner
  • The name of the wind farm you will inspect
  • The names of the wind turbines you will inspect
  • The wind turbines models (diameter, make)

Inspection missions are simply created by selecting in the app the wind turbines to be inspected. If the wind turbines to inspect are not listed you can add them. Part 1 explains this easy procedure.

Tip: In case you the wind turbines to inspect are already listed in the app (usually the case if you are inspecting it for the second time), skip to part 2 directly.

Part 1 - Create wind farms and wind turbines in the app

Step 1 - Click on + to create a new turbine

App V2 create wind turbine missions (1) 2-002

Step 2

App V2 create wind turbine missions (1) 3-003

Step 3 - Select your wind farm or create one

Step 4

You need to tell to which company belongs the wind farm. If you are a drone operator, this is normally your customer. If its not in the list, you can add your own company.

Step 5 - Select the newly created wind farm

Step 6 - Create a wind group

Wind farms are made of groups of turbines. In case you are not aware how the turbines are organized on your wind farm, just create a unique group in which will be all your turbines.

Step 7

Give a name to the group and select the same organization name that you selected for the wind farm. Your customer if you are a drone service provider or directly yourself.

Step 8 - Select the newly created group

Step 9 - Create a wind turbine

Step 10

Caution: Make sure you select the correct wind turbine or set the diameter correctly. The inspection parameters (flight distances) depend on it.

Note: This is it ! You have created a new wind farm and a wind turtine into it. To create more turbines inside this wind farm and wind group, repeat steps 9 to 10.

Part 2 - Create inspection missions

Now that you have created your turbines, you will create a new inspection mission by simply selecting the newly created wind turbines.

Step 1 - Click on + to create a new mission

Step 2 - Select wind turbine

Step 3 - Select the wind farm you want to inspect

Step 4 - Select the wind group you want to inspect

Step 5 - Click on + next to the wind turbine you want to inspect

Step 6 - The ✅indicates that the mission has been created

Step 7 - Return to mission list to see your new mission


Caution: Remember to review the inspection parameters. Are the inspection distances correctly set? Click on your mission and review the inspection parameters in the right sidebar.