How to use Sterblue simulator

Sterblue simulator enables you to train inspecting assets from home.

What you will need 

  • 1 DJI drone (Mavic 2, Phantom 4 Pro, Matrice)
  • 1 computer with DJI Assistant 2 software (download the version compatible with your drone)
  • 1 iPad with Sterblue Mobile App
  • 1 cable to connect the drone to the computer
  • 1 cable to connect the iPad to the remote control

Tip: Follow the instructions here to download Sterblue Mobile App


Process to start the simulation

  1. Remove the propeller from the drone
  2. Connect the iPad to the remote control 
  3. Switch on the remote control and open Sterblue Mobile App
  4. Open DJI Assistant 2 on your computer.

  5. Connect the drone to your computer and switch it on. The drone is normally detected by the remote controller and the video stream should appear on the Sterblue App. The drone will also appear as a connected device on DJI Assistant 2.
  6. Select your drone on DJI Assistant 2
  7. Select Simulator in the left menu. Edit the GPS coordinates with the coordinates where you want to take-off. This is important, if you are simulating wind turbine inspections in the US you don't want to take-off in Europe...! Then select Start Simulating
  8. A new window is now open where you can see your drone. You can begin the simulation and take off. You will see the drone move in this window.
  9. Open Sterblue Mobile App on your iPad and connect to your account.
  10. Select a mission in the list of missions as if you were to begin an inspection
  11. Select the map view at the bottom. You can now see on the iPad both the trajectory of the mission (for power grid missions only) and the position of your drone. 
  12. You are now able to perform all the inspection in simulation following the same process as a classical inspection (calibration and automatic flight). You can refer to your training for precise instructions how to simulate an inspection or contact your Sterblue focal point.