How to upload your inspection pictures?

You don't have to spend 2 hours sorting your SD card to figure out to which asset belong each picture. Sterblue does it for you.

There are 2 ways to upload pictures onto the Sterblue Cloud:

  • Smart upload: Sterblue platform will automatically link the pictures to the right inspection missions. You have inspected 10 towers or 10 turbines? Drag and drop all your images, every images will be assigned to the correct 10 missions. Magic 🐇
  • Mission upload: you want to upload a picture onto a specific mission or you have not captured the images using Sterblue Mobile App,  use this method.

Smart upload

Simply drag and drop all your images (JPEG only) to: if

Caution: only use the smart upload if:

  • You performed an automatic flight with Sterblue App
  • You flew with a DJI Matrice or Phantom 4 Pro (not yet compatible with Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom)

    Tip: you can also use Sterblue Desktop App to upload more rapidly all your images. Documentation and download link here.

    Caution: do not close your browser tab during the upload process or it will be interrupted. If this happens simply re-upload all the images. The duplicates will be automatically removed.

    Once the upload finishes the images will appear in every inspection mission. If your missions look empty after using the smart upload, make sure you have set the mission "Execution date" under the "Operation" step.

    Mission upload

    If you want to upload your images to a specific mission or if you are not able to use the Smart Upload for a given reason (no automatic flight or no DJI drones) then:

    1. Select your mission in the mission list
    2. Click on "Operation" in the process bar
    3. Drag and drop your images (JPEG only)
    4. Set the mission execution date