Mobile App - Introduction

The app will allow you to plan and execute inspection. Discover the main screen.

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  1. Battery level & flight time
  2. Internet connection status
  3. Drone connected to remote controller and iPad
  4. Flight mode: OPTI / ATTI / GPS / SPORT
  5. Drone is ready to take-off
  6. Obstacle avoidance active
  7. Control and command signal strength from remote controller and back
  8. Number of visible GPS satellites (R means you are using a RTK drone).
  9. Video strength signal
  10. Battery level
  11. Home: direction to come back to the take-off point. Position the home symbol at the center of the screen and fly straight forward to come back home
  12. Flag: direction to the next mission waypoint
  13. Camera: Orientation of the camera
  14. Drone speed relative to ground
  15. Distance to takeoff point
  16. Distance to obstacle (detected by DJI obstacle avoidance system)
  17. Height above takeoff point
  18. Horizontal distance to takeoff point
  19. Vertical distance to takeoff point
  20. Auto/Manual focus switch
  21. Picture trigger (timelapse interval displays at the center)
  22. Camera pitch
  23. Increase/decrease inspection altitude
  24. Start / Stop / Pause inspection
  25. FPV camera (if present)
  26. Mission progress bar. Press restart to start over the inspection. Select closest to resume the inspection from the closest waypoint.
  27. Exposure settings