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Discover the recent updates of our App and also the history of past changes

Every 2 weeks we will release a new version of our App. You can find the recent changes on the top, but you can also check past ones by clicking on the versions number in the table.

App Version

Release Date



20.03.3 March 2020 Beta Introducing 3D maps!
19.12.0 December 2019 Released Bug fixes, added features for cooling towers, better offline version

Update - Version 20.03.3:  

Advances being made regarding the general experience of our App: 

1. Visual Interface: 

🗺️3D map. In this version, you can now see the drone position, the home location, and the inspection trajectory on the map. Thanks to that, you can now track your drone and anticipate its trajectory to get a better feeling of what's going on. The blue square represents the camera direction. So here you can clearly see that the pilot was not looking at the tower.


2. Camera and Video: 

📷Camera settings: To have a better start, we added the option to adjust the camera settings before the start of the mission. So once you take-off, you can fully focus on your flight. But there is no need to panic if you need to adjust the settings afterward you are just one button away from going back to the recommended ones.


🎥Collect more data: In this version, we also introduce to you a new feature through which you are now able to gather data in video format.

Update - Version 19.12.0:  

Advances being made regarding the general experience of our App: 

1. Video decoder resetting: 

⛑️Problem: We encountered that the video decoder needed to be reset very often during an operation, even when the drone wasn't connected to the app.

✅Update: Now the reset is only needed when the drone is connected to the app. 

🙂Benefit: Less lag in video feedback 

2. Offline Mode: 

⛑️Problem: Sometimes the app was not very stable when being used in offline mode

✅Update: We increased the robustness of our app during offline mode

🙂Benefit: Now you have a reliable tool at hand that does not let you down, even in harsh environments. 

3. Bugfixes

🐜Customers using our 'Generic Wind Turbine Model' in the app do now have access to the correct structure parameters.

🐜We care about what you see - or might not see. In prior versions, the 'Validate execution' section might have been partially covered. Now, this bug is fixed and you can see the full section again. 

Recent updates regarding cooling towers: 

🎛️To give you more control about your mission, you can now separate between the horizontal and vertical overlap in the parameters section.