Recommended browser

Sterblue recommends using Google Chrome to access Sterblue Cloud.

Web standards are constantly evolving, and browser implementations are almost never fully spec-compliant. Each browser complies with its subset of the specifications.

This is why websites such as exist, to allow developers to know which features they can use on which browsers. As you can see, Chrome has a score of 343 on , while Edge has a score of 263, the lowest score among mainstream browsers. This means that Edge lacks 80 features that Chrome provides.

Unfortunately, some of these lacking features are critical to our platform. These features are needed in order to deliver the best possible experience, 3D views, interactive reports, PDF exports and so on. 

Working around the shortcomings of Edge would be possible, but would necessitate a lot of effort on our side. We believe that at this step of our development, it is in our best interest to focus on developing new useful features, based on web standards, instead of working around limitations of browsers that do not implement the full standard.

We believe that Microsoft is striving to make Edge more standard compliant, but as history shows, this has never been their best strength. So the easiest solution in the short term is to use the browser that is the most compliant, Chrome.