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Selection page

What is this page for?

The selection page allows to quickly select the images on which the expert or the AI will look for defects.

How do I use the selection page?

The page lists all images of a mission. You have two rows of thumbnails for every structure. On the first row are the images flagged as invalid, on the second row are the images flagged as valid. You can scroll from right to left to display all thumbnails of a structure.

Simply clicking on a thumbnail of the first row will transfer it to the second row and vice-versa. The clear button on the left will remove the valid flag for all images for this structure only.

Not all nice images are to be set as valid.
The image quality referential lists strict criteria an image has to meet in order to be set as valid. Ask your Sterblue contact for the referential.

The selection page is getting very slow the more I scroll down, why?

The more you scroll down, the more thumbnails are being loaded in your computer's memory. A mission can have tens of thousands of images, therefore it is overflowing your RAM and the page becomes very sluggish.

To keep a page reacting lightning fast to your clicks, it is advised to type in the name of the structure you are working on. This will display this structure only and prevent the page to slow down.

How can I zoom in on a thumbnail to see more details?

You can make a thumbnail bigger by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner of each thumbnail. If you want to zoom in the picture, you can access the labelling page by again clicking on the icon in the lower right corner.