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Download / upload mission images

The Sterblue Desktop App is a multi-platform tool allowing you to download or upload your inspection images

Install the App

Download the version compatible with your OS:

    Once downloaded, install the app and login using your Sterblue credentials.

    In case you do not remember your password, you can reinitialize it on https://cloud.sterblue.com. You'll receive an email to reset it.

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    Once logged in you will be able to choose between two actions: Upload images to Sterblue cloud and Download images

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    Download images

    Open the mission you wish to download on https://cloud.sterblue.com. Open the list of images and click on "Download all images".

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    • The Sterblue app will automatically open after a few seconds
    • The field: Link to the mission will be automatically filled-in with the mission url
    • Select a local folder where to save the downloaded images.

    Once the setup is done, please click the "Download" button to initiate the download step

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    Note that for large missions (several thousand images), the download can take up to 10min to start. The desktop app performs a check on every images before starting the download.

    Upload images

    The application has been created to be "smart". This is why the only one thing, you have to do to upload images is to drop them in the interface. The images will be sorted on the Sterblue side based on the metadata created while the inspection phase. That means, that - for now - You have to drop images ONLY created with Sterblue

    The top right button "Home" allows you to return on the main menu to chose the Download option.

    TIPS, If your upload is interrupted (internet connection fail, ...) it will be resumed automatically

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